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Unfortunately, it is a reality that there can be disputes between business owners and it is essential for the progression of the business, health and wellbeing of the owners and morale of the staff that disputes are resolved at an early stage.

Oakwood Solicitors Ltd can offer a range of services aimed at achieving a resolution to the issues, whether that resolution is mediation, conciliation, exit strategies or (where appropriate) litigation. Our ‘aims driven service’ to attempt to resolve disputes in a timely and proportionate manner.

Common disputes we see include:

  • Shareholders or Partners withdrawing excessive funds or dividends from the business
  • Shareholders or Partners not acting in the best interest of a business
  • Shareholders or Partners not making appropriate contributions or commitments to the business
  • Ill health of a Shareholder or Partner
  • Breaches of restrictive covenants and associated injunctive relief
  • Breach of fiduciary duty of Directors under Section 170 – 177 of the Companies Act 2006
  • Unfair Prejudice of minority shareholders or partners and claims under Section 994 Companies Act 2006

The starting point is to look at whether a relationship between owners is salvageable and if so on what basis. Can resolution be achieved be modifying or formalising existing shareholders or partnership agreements?

If this isn’t possible, on what basis would an exit from the business be considered or should the business be sold?

Litigation Professional Negligence


Litigation should be a last resort and we pride ourselves on being able to provide high-level strategic advice designed in the first instance to avoid formal litigation unless this is absolutely necessary.


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Depending on the nature of the dispute, we are able to offer a range of funding options, including:

  • Conditional Fee Agreements (‘No Win, No Fee’ Agreements or alternatively ‘No Win, Lower fee’ Arrangements)
  • Fixed fee arrangements
  • Contingency Fee Agreements
  • Private fee-paying agreements at a competitive hourly rate

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