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In the County Court, there are three ‘tracks’ for civil claims: the Small Claims Track, the Fast Track and the Multi Track. Once proceedings have been commenced, the court will allocate the matter to the most appropriate track.


Generally speaking, money claims for an amount under £10,000 (which do not relate to Personal Injury) are likely to be allocated to the Small Claims Track.

Small Claims


Although this track is designed for lower value and less complex cases, parties are still expected to comply with the correct civil procedure in bringing a claim and expect the respective claim and defence to have a correct legal basis.

Unlike with Fast Track and Multi Track, there is no presumption that the losing party will be responsible for paying the winning party’s legal costs. If you instruct a solicitor to represent you in the small claims track, you could therefore end up having paid more in legal costs than you are actually recovering in damages.

Oakwood Solicitors appreciates this, which is why we offer a range of funding options which are suitable for assistance with small claims matters. These include:

  • Fixed fee arrangements, and;
  • Contingency Fee Agreements
  • Private fee-paying agreements at a competitive hourly rate



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