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What does ‘No-Win, No-Fee’ mean? There can be a number of ways to fund your legal fees. Following a provisional assessment of your potential claim, we may be able to offer you something called a Conditional Fee Agreement which is often referred to as a No-Win, No-Fee Agreement.

Where we are able to provisionally assess the merits of your claim for stress at work at more than 50%, we are ordinarily able to offer you a No-Win, No-Fee Agreement.

In summary, a No-Win, No-Fee Agreement means that if your claim is unsuccessful, then subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of the agreement, you do not have to pay us anything towards our costs.

If your claim is successful, the Defendant is legally obliged to make a contribution towards payment of your legal costs.



What do I have to pay Oakwood Solicitors Ltd if I win?

Anything which the Defendant does not pay, you become responsible for but your responsibility is limited to an equivalent of 35% of your compensation amount.

We always endeavour to ensure that we recover as much of our costs from the Defendant as possible so as to minimise any deduction from your damages and us our in-house team of specialist costs lawyers to do so.

Unless you ask us to undertake work for you outside of our advice, there would be no additional fees to pay.

 What about paying the Defendant’s legal costs?

As a general rule, the Defendant is unable to recover any of their legal costs of defending your claim even in the event that your claim is unsuccessful.

Because of this legal protection, making a claim for personal injury caused by stress at work is provided you with very low risk of having to pay any costs to the Defendant.

We are here to help and will carry out a free assessment to see if you are eligible for a No Win No Fee Agreement with no obligation to take forward a claim.

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