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The 7/7 central London bombings, carried out by four separate Islamist extremist suicide bombers, involved the detonation of bombs on three London Underground trains and one on a double-decker bus.

A total of 52 people were murdered and around 700 more were injured. It was the UK’s worst terrorist incident since the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.

Twelve years later, an Islamist suicide bomber set off a bomb at Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande concert in May 2017, killing 22 and injuring a further 139 – many of these victims being children, the youngest of which was just 8 years old. To date, it is the deadliest terrorist attack in Britain since the 7/7 central London bombings.

Terrorism is memorable for all the wrong reasons and ruins the lives of all those it affects. Police have tried to crack down on terrorism over the last few years. Since 2011, the amount of people arrested in connection for terrorism-related activity has steadily risen.

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Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the police, in the current climate, terrorism remains a very real threat. For those who are injured in such an attack, compensation may be available.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government-funded scheme that compensates blameless victims of violent crime and has offered payment to over 90 individuals affected by the Manchester Arena terrorist attack thus far.

“Will I be eligible for a CICA claim?”

The CICA works from a detailed Scheme which has a number of conditions that need to be met so that an applicant can apply for a CICA claim. An applicant’s conduct, criminal convictions, cooperation with the police with regards to the incident and time limits are all considered when an applicant submits a CICA claim.

If you require further details on eligibility, please go to our comprehensive CICA guide here. Alternatively, please submit an enquiry to us and we will answer any queries you may have.

“What does the CICA compensate for?”

The CICA offers compensation for injuries sustained as a result of a crime of violence. The CICA operates from a tariff of common injuries, such as broken bones, scarring and psychological damage. Each injury has a set amount that can be offered, depending on the recovery made.

Below are some of the more common examples of injury sustained as a result of crimes of violence:


Terrorist Attack Claims


Psychological damage is also extremely common. Scarring caused by a terrorist attack is not just skin-deep, it can affect the mental wellbeing of an individual for a significant amount of time, if not forever. This is also something that the CICA can look to compensate a victim for.

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An award for psychological injury relies on a victim seeking psychiatric help. It is important to note that the CICA will only look to award compensation for a mental injury when presented with a diagnosis or prognosis from a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist.

In the most tragic of circumstances, following a terrorist attack, a victim may be killed. In the event of this, the CICA has provisions available for a qualifying relative of the deceased to utilise.

Examples of a ‘qualifying relative’ is an individual, who at the time of the deceased’s death was:

  • A child of the deceased;
  • A parent of the deceased;
  • The spouse or civil partner of the deceased, who was living with the deceased in the same household; or
  • The partner of the deceased (other than a spouse/civil partner) who was living with the deceased in the same household for a continuous period of at least two years before the date of death.

A bereavement payment of £11,00 is standard for the CICA. However, if there is more than one ‘qualifying relative’ applying for compensation, the bereavement payment is £5,500 each.

As well as this payment, dependency payments, a contribution to funeral payments and child payments are available if other criteria are met.

How Long Will a CICA Claim For Compensation Take?

The CICA advises that a claim can take, on average, between 12-18 months to reach an initial decision. It is important to note that this is just a guideline and a claim may take significantly longer, or shorter, than this. It entirely depends on the complexity of a claim, the severity of a claimant’s injuries and the cooperation shown by an applicant when the CICA makes any requests for further information.


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