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As solicitors a common type of injury we see on a day to day basis is what we call a crushing injury, which involves a part of the body being crushed, usually fingers or toes. This could be due to items being dropped or being trapped in doors or work equipment.

These types of injuries can be particularly painful and can sometimes include fractures or damage to the ligaments, or in some cases loss of a nail or damage to the nail bed.

Treatment may include the use of splint or even surgery to repair the damage.

As part of your claim your solicitor will arrange a medical examination with an appropriate medical expert who will review your medical records and provide their opinion on the nature and prognosis of your injury.

Your solicitor will then be able to value your claim on the basis of this report, so getting the right solicitor ensures your claim is being accurately valued to ensure your claim for damages is maximised to it’s full potential.

Your solicitor will also make sure that any other losses you have sustained are included within your claim, whether this be loss of earnings, care and assistance, travel expenses or past and future treatment.

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