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As a business owner you have spent time and effort building the success of your business and therefore, the natural conclusion is to make a Will to ensure that your business assets are left to who you choose.

In the absence of any other arrangements in your Partnership agreements, Shareholder agreements and cross option agreements it is essential that you deal with your share in any business you own or co-own in your Wills.

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Quick facts

  • Prepare your Will bespoke to your individual and business requirements.
  • Provide Inheritance Tax advice (link).
  • Ensure your Will makes full use of all Inheritance Tax allowances and reliefs.
  • Retain any letters of guidance for your Executors to refer to when dealing with your business assets under your Will.
  • Review your existing Wills.
  • At this time, it will be beneficial to consider reviewing your existing Partnership agreements, Shareholder agreements, cross option agreements and speaking with our Corporate and Commercial services team.
  • You may wish to consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney for Business Owners alongside your Will.

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