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Workplace Stress

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We can all feel the pressure of work-related stress at some point and every job has its stressful moments, but if short-term situations start to become ongoing issues, this can severely affect both your physical and emotional health.

Stress at work can be caused by many different issues and no person’s cause of stress or their reaction to it is ever the same. Suffering from stress in the workplace is generally understood to be ‘a reaction to an overload of pressure or demand in the workplace’ however this pressure is not always simply overwork – and can manifest itself as many other issues.

Upon being made aware, your employer needs to intervene and take responsibility for the cause of your stress, making the necessary adjustments and arrangements to mitigate the cause.

If you feel that nothing has been done to help you, you can raise a formal grievance against your employer. Follow your company’s procedures or contact us for advice on what to do next.

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