Sexual harassment – part 2

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In Part 1 we looked at what sexual harassment is; in this second and final part we want to look at what businesses can do to stop this activity within their workplace.

Employees need to know that their employer is looking after their best interests, so we suggest a simple three step process for businesses that will help to deter sexual harassment.


There should be a robust and clear policy on harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace – it should clearly show that the organisation and its management will not tolerate harassment or bullying in any form, and any allegations will be investigated fully and disciplinary action will be taken if necessary.


There should be a clear and straightforward process for reporting and investigating allegations of harassment. Employees should feel safe in making an allegation that it will be confidential and they will not receive any less favourable treatment after making an allegation (this is especially important in smaller businesses).

For a fixed fee Oakwood Solicitors will help any businesses write any Policy and Process.


Everyone should be made aware of the policy and process. This can be achieved with briefing/awareness sessions which will clearly show what the employee’s rights are and what they process is if they have if they feel they have been/are being subjected to harassment.

So where can you turn if you’re being sexually harassed at work? What if your boss won’t do anything about it or simply doesn’t believe you?

Thankfully there is legal action you can take against the individual who is harassing you and your employer.

Sexual harassment is not acceptable, funny or excusable in any situation. It is wrong and unlawful.

There is more information here on harassment, discrimination and bullying.

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