Shocking footage of cyclist colliding into double decker bus

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cyclist hits bus

We’re sure that no road user can claim to be perfect on the road, but we all know that we must obey road signs and signals – right?

We might know that we have to, but sometimes some of us don’t, take it from a law firm, we know, we’ve seen it all.

Over the years we have seen lots of road users disobey the Highway Code, they might fail to stop at a stop sign, don’t give way or jump a red light without giving too much thought to the consequences, and at the end of the day the safety of all road users is paramount.

The footage below from 2015 shows one well publicised and dramatic moment a cyclist jumps a red light, collides into a double-decker bus causing an incident. Happily he walks away with nothing more than a scratch.

At the time the motorcyclist who recorded the live event expressed his views by saying… “I have zero sympathies for the guy. But, he was OK in the end. If he had been -1 second sooner, he’d be a smear along the road”.

In response to the video, the cyclist commented saying that he thought that he could beat the traffic light, and when he realised that he couldn’t he tried to stop but his brake cable snapped; whatever and however the incident happened, the original belief that he could safely beat the red light led to the incident.

As more and more people are taking up cycling, this inevitably will mean more cyclists are going to take to the already busy roads, and if just a tiny percentage of riders act recklessly then we can only see a disaster happening.

Hopefully in the future tighter law enforcement and all of us been more vigilant on the roads will put a stop to these kinds of accidents occurring.

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