Have you suffered a slip trip or fall which has resulted in an accident where you were injured and it was not your fault.

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Our client Mrs F from Winsford she was a pensioner of 66 years of age when she was badly injured in a public liability case. She had been out when she tripped over a broken paving slab. She sustained multiple injuries in the fall.

Members of the public are entitled to expect public places to meet minimum standards of safety for them to be able to use the space for the purpose which it was intended to be used as with the knowledge that owners and directors of these spaces are legally obliged to carry out a risk assessment. As part of this risk assessment and of the on-going risk assessment which should be undertaken on a regular basis by the business owner any defective or faulty equipment or flooring should be repaired immediately when the defect is noticed.

If owners and directors of these public places such as supermarkets shopping centres car showrooms etc. fail to perform any part of these risk assessments or maintenance will ensure that the owners are fully liable to pay compensation for any injuries and rehabilitation which you may later require.

I have been involved in a slip trip or fall accident in a public place in Manchester which is caused me an injury can I make a compensation claim with specialist lawyers at Oakwood? Will I need to pay upfront fees to be able to get my claim settled with the help of personal accident solicitors at Oakwood?

This compensation will not only cover sick pay and rehabilitation costs they will also be liable to pay any incidental costs which you have sustained due to being injured. These can include things such as parking fees at a hospital petrol to get to and from the hospital and any occupational therapy costs which you may have to pay.

Trip hazards can be reduced by some very simple routines and actions being put in place by the public space owner. Some of these might include:
1. Floor surfaces being even or made even where possible
2. Steps and stairs should be off limits to the public unless they are required to climb them
3. Notices should always warn staff or public of an uneven floor surface such as a small incline or decline
4. Walkways should always be kept free of obstructions and debris

Call Oakwood after a slip trip or fall accident in Manchester which has caused you an injury to get compensation claim lawyers to work on your case on a no win no fee basis call us today on: 0844 499 9302.

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