If you need slip trip or fall accidents compensation or if you would like advice about any part of the claim process then Oakwood have a decade of experience in dealing with the public.

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Mr N from Norwich was awarded compensation after he was injured as the result of an accident in a public place.

Mr N a 32 year old male was walking down a pavement when his foot became entangled in some wires protruding from an electric box. As he became entangled Mr N fell to the ground.

Trip hazards can be reduced by some very simple routines and actions being put in place by the employer. Some of these might include:
1. Floor surfaces being even or made even where possible
2. Steps and stairs should be off limits to the public unless they are required to climb them
3. Notices should always warn staff or public of an uneven floor surface such as a small incline or decline
4. Walkways should always be kept free of obstructions and debris

Simple routines which involve every owner and staff member performing these easy to follow rules can cut the number of accidents occurring dramatically.

I have also been injured in slip trip or fall accidents can I use Oakwood to make a claim for compensation in Manchester. People taking positive action by making a claim is Oakwood feels the best thing for all of us. The more people who take companies to court or take further action after they have been injured in a public place should mean that the companies will sit up and take note when they are forced to pay out compensation for the damage which they have caused their customers or workers.

We can only imagine the chaos which could ensue if it was left to employers or retailers to have a conscience. The acts like the 1974 health and safety ones are in place to protect the public.

With regard to people who own property such as company directors; they are responsible for:
The health and safety of all members of the public who enter their premises as long as the customer or visitor is using the space in a reasonable manner.

If you would like help after slip trip or fall accidents Oakwood can help you to make a claim in Manchester. Call us on 0844 499 9302 today and we can get your claim started.

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