Do you need help making a slip trip or fall compensation claim in Leeds? Look no further than Oakwood Solicitors. At Oakwood we have been claiming compensation on behalf of our clients for over ten years in this time we have built up an excellent reputation for our high standard of customer care and for the speed in which we are able to settle claims and resolve disputes..

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Mrs P used Oakwood Solicitors when she decided to make a public liability claim against a large and very well known DIY superstore. Mrs P was injured when she fell on some water that had either spilled or leaked in the DIY shop. As a result of this hazard being left on the floor Mrs P slipped and sustained nasty injuries. This was not a nice experience for Mrs P at the age of 69.

One of the public liability solicitors at Oakwood worked hard on behalf of Mrs P to secure her the compensation she deserved. At Oakwood we have multiple different teams of solicitors who each deal with a different area of liability law. These specialists strive to get claims settled as quickly as possible.

So whether your accident was at work in a public place in a hospital or even in someone’s home Oakwood Solicitors will be able to help you make a claim if you have been injured and it was not your fault.

If you are thinking about making a slip trip or fall compensation claim speak to one of the experts at Oakwood in Leeds; we will be able to offer you the best advice about how to proceed with your case.

Our solicitors like to treat each client as an individual; we do not think you are just another case number. We will take the time to explain to you every step of making a claim and we will always keep you updated with any developments that are made on your claim. We aim to get claims settled as quickly as possible but making a claim does take time; you can be rest assured however that our solicitors will be doing their best for you throughout the entire case.

If you need any advice about your case or if you are unsure whether making a claim for compensation is for you you should speak to a qualified professional. Our solicitors keep up to date with every aspect of the law so will be able to offer you the best advice possible about your position.

If you are ready to make a slip trip or fall compensation claim call Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds today on: 0844 499 9302.

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