Oakwood Solicitors should be you first choice for making a slip trip or fall compensation claim; with our wealth of experience and knowledge surrounding public liability laws we will be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Oakwood Solicitors helped Mr R claim compensation after he tripped in a public place. Mr R had been walking through a supermarket car park when he tripped on an uncovered and exposed drain gulley. The uncovered and exposed drain cover posed a serious risk to Mr R and his accident caused him to tear the ligaments in his right arm.

The following are examples of common hazards or areas of neglect that may cause an accident in a public place:
? Defective trolleys in supermarkets; all equipment that is used by the public should be in good working order and maintained regularly. All equipment in a public place should be checked for faults and taken out of service.
? Negligence of staff in a place that is used by the public; for example if a member of staff has left a stock trolley in the path of one of the customers and it has caused them to trip over it.
? Slips due to substances on the floor that should have been marked with a sign cordoned off or cleaned up.
? Falling objects; this can happen when any products or materials have not been placed securely at height or on a shelf. Injury may occur if an object falls onto someone or into their path.

This list is not exhaustive; it is just a few examples of what we mean by negligence in a public place. If you have had a slip trip or fall and you think you may be entitled to make a compensation claim seek advice from one of Oakwood’s London solicitors.

As a result of his accident Mr R used Oakwood Solicitors to assist him in making his claim. Mr R was awarded compensation as the supermarket had neglected it duty to keep it grounds safe for the public.

Any owner of property or land that is used by the public has a duty to keep the area safe and free from hazards. Don?t be apprehensive about making a claim following an accident in a public place. Owners of premises and properties that are regularly visited by the public are required under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 to take reasonable care to ensure their premises are safe. If this duty is being breached either by the negligence of the business or its members of staff then an accident could occur. If this has happened to you you should seek compensation if you have sustained any injuries as a result. The claim will be dealt with by the insurance company that has provided them with public liability cover; more often than not these claims are settled out of court and the compensation is paid quickly directly from the insurers. If you have had a slip trip or fall and you want to make a compensation claim call Oakwood Solicitors in London on 0844 499 9302.

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