After a slip trip or fall in the Manchester area or elsewhere in the UK approach the reliable and dedicated team at Oakwood to start your claim for compensation.

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Mrs M was a 50 year old lady from Millfield when her accident in a public place took place. She was walking round a supermarket when her accident occurred water had been leaking from a frozen food trolley causing Mrs M to slip. Mrs M’s accident injured her back and shoulders.

Back injuries can take a very long time of recuperation and in more severe cases can require surgery. Our client felt very annoyed that she had suffered as a result of negligence of the owner of the public place where she had been shopping.

Owners and directors have a legal duty to ensure that public places are safe environments for their customers and staff to be able to use the shop or area for its intended use without fear of being injured. If this is not the case and they are injured then they should expect the full weight of the law to protect the customer.

If you need to make a claim for compensation after an unfortunate slip trip or fall in Manchester or anywhere in the UK then the team at Oakwood will be delighted to help you.

Our client was very badly shaken after her accident she suffered soft tissue injuries and swelling to the areas that she bumped as she fell. It is unfortunate that 40 workers in the space of a year in general lose their lives due to slip trip and fall incidents in the workplace. This shocking figure in many cases could be avoided if basic rules were followed to reduce the risk of slips and trips at work or in public places.

Don?t be apprehensive about making a claim following an accident in a public place. Owners of premises and properties that are regularly visited by the public are required under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 to take reasonable care to ensure their premises are safe. If this duty is being breached either by the negligence of the business or its members of staff then an accident could occur. If this has happened to you you should seek compensation if you have sustained any injuries as a result.

If you have suffered a slip trip or fall which you feel could have been avoided in a public place Oakwood Solicitors can help you make a claim in Manchester today. Call us now on 0844 499 9302.

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