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Solicitor For Business – ML Solicitors Claims Advice; Are you searching the internet for a solicitor who can provide your organisation with help and advice for an employment law situation that your business is faced with in Bradford? The team at Oakwood Solicitors are here to assist businesses across the UK no matter what size and they can provide your organisation with a wide array of services to ensure that your business stays compliant with UK law.

Oakwood Solicitors have built up a strong reputation for helping businesses across the UK in employment law matters. They can provide you with on-going assistance help and guidance as well as providing help with one-off situations that arise within an organisation. It would not be possible to list the sheer number of services our team can provide however below are just a small number of examples of the types of issues we are able to handle at our team such include:

? Assisting businesses when employing new members of staff by creating staff handbooks contracts of employment and policies and procedures.

? Creating disciplinary and grievance procedures that abide by the ACAS Code of Practice to ensure that your business stays compliant with UK law.

? Assisting businesses who are going through the Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE).

? Assisting with employment disputes that arise within the working environment whether this is representing organisations at the Employment Tribunal or looking at alternative forms of dispute resolution.

? Drafting compromise agreements and assisting businesses dismiss members of staff.

? Implementing antidiscrimination policies and procedures to protect businesses from discrimination claims.

As mentioned above this is just a small number of the types of services our team can provide and we have various different departments within our employment law team to ensure that your organisation receives the best possible advice available.

Are you seeking a solicitor for help and advice about any of the above reasons that may be affecting your business in Bradford? The team at Oakwood Solicitors are just a short phone call away from assisting your commercial organisation and they will put you in touch with a specialist solicitor who will discuss your issue and help you solve the situation in a timely and cost-effective manner.

When businesses are faced with legal action it can sometimes attract the attention of the media and an article which was published in the Pink News on 8 March 2006 discusses an employer who was taken to the Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal. A particular section of the article reads ?A gay former HSBC investment banker who is claiming unfair dismissal told an employment tribunal that he secretly filmed his disciplinary appeal hearing because he did not trust his employer. Peter Lewis claims he was sacked by the bank because he is gay. He was dismissed by the banking giant for ?gross personal misconduct?. The incident in question relates to an encounter between Mr Lewis and another male employee of the bank which ultimately resulted in a complaint of ‘sexual harassment?.?

The team at Oakwood Solicitors are experts in all fields of employment law and we can provide you with a solicitor for any employment law situation that has arisen within your organisation in Bradford; why not call our team for advice and assistance today on:0113 200 9720.


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