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Solicitors Debt Recovery; Does your business require a highly successful solicitors firm that can provide debt recovery solutions to your organisation in Doncaster? Oakwood Solicitors has a dedicated panel of debt recovery experts who specifically practice in this field of law and they will be able to discuss the various different options available to you designed specifically to recoup this outstanding debt in the most cost-effective way.

The debt recovery experts working at Oakwood Solicitors

Our team do pride themselves on the results that they have achieved the clients across the UK and they will be able to provide your business with an excellent range of services designed specifically to recoup outstanding debts from an organisation. Our services include entering into dialogue with the debtor involved in the case prior to starting the legal process against this organisation or individual at County Court and we will communicate with your debtor via telephone and in writing. We can advise you in respect of the most appropriate method of recovery and enforcement action depending on your individual circumstances and we will also be able to help you reduce the chances of outstanding debt being owed to your business in the future.

Just a small number of the services that our team are able to provide in regards to debt collection include:

• We can help you investigate the debtor involved in the case to ensure that they have the financial assets to pay your business.
• We will be able to discuss creating a letter threatening legal action to the debtor.
• We can help you issue Late Payment Demands charging interest and compensation to the organisation involved.
• We can help issue legal proceedings at County Court and help you obtain a County Court judgement against the debtor involved whether this is an organisation or individual.
• We can use various different methods to help you enforce this judgement and we will always select the most cost-effective method for your business.

How much to the services on offer at Oakwood Solicitors cost in relation to debt recovery for my business in Doncaster as I am worried about the cost/benefit ratio involved?

The amount that we charge for our services do vary depending on the reaction of the debtor and how many services we need to undertake before payment is made. You can however be assured that our fees are extremely affordable and because we appoint you with one legally trained expert this specialist will be able to look at the cost/benefit ratio and ensure that only the most effective method is selected for your business. Our team have extensive experience in this field of law and because of this we have built up a strong reputation across the UK in regards to this field and we were recently contacted by a business that needed to recover £1107.31 from Mr B who was from Lincoln.

If your business needs a highly successful solicitors firm that can provide advice and assistance on all aspects of debt recovery then you can contact the team at Oakwood Solicitors who will gladly assist your business in Doncaster today on:0844 847 2323.


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