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Solicitors Debt Recovery; Are you in search of experienced and reputable solicitors who specialise in debt recovery to aid your organisation with the retrieval of outstanding funds? Then look no further than the debt recovery specialists at Oakwood Solicitors as our skilled and highly driven their recovery team could work on behalf of your company to obtain payment in full of the outstanding funds that are owed to you by commercial clients or consumers.

The skilled professionals at Oakwood Solicitors were recently consulted by a client who sought assistance to obtain payment of outstanding funds from Mr M in London who owed £543.12.

Are you struggling to obtain payment for goods or services that your company has provided? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Oakwood Solicitors for a fast service that you can rely upon.

There have been many recent reports discussing the recession and rise in living costs in the UK. This is causing some individuals and businesses to put off paying invoices as long as possible to maintain their cash flow. However this can have serious consequences for companies like yours and our experienced professionals at Oakwood Solicitors understand how important it can beat recoup these outstanding funds as quickly as possible.

Do you require the specialist services of highly skilled solicitors to help your company with debt recovery from commercial clients or consumers? Then you should consult with the debt recovery experts at Oakwood Solicitors to discuss the swift and cost-effective debt recovery solutions that could be employed by our extremely dedicated team are behalf of your company to recover the money that you are owed for goods or services that you have provided.

The London Evening Standard published an article on August 11 2013 reporting that “Sharp fall in UK wages put us in bottom for EU countries in terms of decline”.

The article informs us that “The 5.5% reduction in average hourly wage since mid-2010 adjusted for inflation means British workers have felt the squeeze more than those in countries which have been rocked by the Eurozone crisis including Spain which saw a 3.3% drop over the same period in Cyprus where salaries fell by 3% in real terms”.

It goes on to say that “Only the Greeks Portuguese and Dutch have had a steeper decline the analysis showed while in Germany hourly wages rose by 2.7% over the same period and in France there was a 0.4% increase”.

The article also adds “Across the EU as a whole the average fall in wages adjusted for the European Central Bank’s harmonised index of consumer prices was -0.7% and in the Eurozone area it was -0.1%”.

The highly trained and experienced professionals at Oakwood Solicitors in our dedicated debt recovery department could provide tailor-made solutions to your debt recovery woes to secure payment of outstanding as quickly and cost effectively as possible; so make a no obligation call to our advisers today for a free initial consultation on: (0844) 847 2323.


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