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I see more and more law firms treating cross-selling like some elusive unattainable benchmark! But now more than ever the idea of cross-selling is more important than it ever has been.

Whilst legal marketing is somewhat different from your normal marketing tactics, law firms will have many different sectors to target along with trying to ensure they stand out from their crowd of competitors.

In the post Jackson era, most law firms remain focused on their target areas. These are generally the areas that are financially stable, bring in the greatest revenue streams and are, by their very nature, high profile.

The main goal here is to interest your “already existing” client stream in utilising other services that your firm can offer. Firms are already sitting on a gold mine of client information which (if used correctly) would enable them to get their “other” services out there.

One of the quickest and simplest methods is to prepare a leaflet that can be dropped into every envelope that sends out a client letter. That way you are not incurring more postage but simply utilising what you already have!

Firms should embrace branding, ensure their website is client friendly and take to social media as a natural extension of their marketing plans.

Another excellent way of retaining client information and feedback is to ask a client at the conclusion of a successful claim if they would assist by providing feedback on the service they received.

Send your clients a Feedback Form but make sure you include a simple tick box for “receiving further information” about other services etc. Once that box is ticked you can then provide further leaflets/information to that client and you’re off and running without sending unsolicited information.

Ensuring client’s are 100% happy with your services not only ensure you repeat business but hopefully that client will do your marketing for you by telling other people about the excellent service they did receive. This goes back to my earlier article in the last issue, the client is and will always remain King. Keep that client happy and he will spread the good word.

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