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Caitlin Batty

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Caitlin Batty

Paralegal - Financial Litigation

Caitlin Batty has been a Paralegal in the Financial Litigation department since 2016, handling a number of complex Breach of Contract, Financial and Pension Misselling and Secret Commission claims against a broad range of large financial institutions.

She has obtained substantial compensation payments on behalf of her clients since joining the team, and believes that financial misselling is an area of law that is set to grow in the coming years.

Before joining the Finance team, Caitlin worked in both the Vetting and Road Traffic Accident departments. Caitlin also studied Law at sixth form, and is currently undertaking CILEX training with a view to qualifying as a Chartered Legal Executive in the near future.


  • FSCS Portal claims
  • Mortgage and Pension Misselling
  • Breach of Contract Claims
  • ‘Secret Commission’ Claims
  • Pension Misselling Claims
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