Suffering with Stress May Heighten the Risk of Developing Dementia in Later Life

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Suffering with Stress May Heighten the Risk of Developing Dementia in Later Life

Stressful situations can have prolonged physiological effects and psychological consequences according to research.
The research which was published in the online journal BMJ Open used data taken from a long-term study of 800 Swedish women who completed neuropsychiatric tests were first selected in 1968 then again in 1974 1980 1992 2000 and 2005.
The first assessment of all the women who were all born in 1914 1918 1922 and 1930 involved asking them about the impact of 18 “stressors” they may have encountered which included; divorce widowhood work problems and sick relatives.
One in four of the women had suffered a minimum of one stressful event 23% reported two one in five had been through three stressors and 16% had suffered four or more.
Over the time of the assessment 19% (153) of the women developed dementia and 104 of these were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
There was an association between the number of stressors reported in 1968 with a 21% increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s and a 15% increased risk of developing any type of dementia the analysis demonstrated.
The authors of the research have said that more research is needed to confirm the study results. They have suggested that“stress may cause a number of physiological reactions in the central nervous endocrine immune and cardiovascular systems.”
They want more investigations to decide whether therapy and stress management should be made available to those who suffer stressful life events.
The researchers said “Our study shows that common psychosocial stressors may have severe and long-standing physiological and psychological consequences.”
“The study shows that the number of psychosocial stressors measured in middle-aged women was related to distress and incidence of Alzheimer’s disease almost four decades later.”
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