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Over the years, significant research has shown us that a highly stressful work environment can negatively impact on our mental health significantly; some of our own research has suggested that those that are impacted the most are workers in low rewards but high effort roles.

Maybe you are sat there just about coping with the daily stresses that your jobs bring, if this is the case, we have some quick tips from around the internet to help you manage those stresses and stop them becoming worse.

Set Your Priorities

In an interesting post by the University of Salford Business School they talk briefly about the importance of prioritising your daily workload so that you are best able to then deal with the tasks that are important and urgent as the possibility of missing deadlines is a sure-fire way to increase stress levels.

What is causing the stress?

PA Life (correctly in our opinion) suggest that a good first goal is to try to pinpoint the root of your workplace stress, once you understand where it is coming from then it makes managing it much easier (is it a particular task, event or individual that is causing you the stress?)

Workforce Planning

SHP highlight their own research too, showing that ‘48 per cent of senior managers say they feel stressed all or most of the time’, and they make the valid point that workplace holidays over the summer period can put more pressure and stress on employees still in the business; they provide some useful advice to business to help manage and control their own employees stress levels during these busy months.

Take time off

In an article by Mel Riley, she suggests that taking some time off or away from work (perhaps reducing your hours to part time), could help stress at work, she also talks about seeing sick leave as a holiday or rest period to allow an individual to visualise this time a little more positively and help them come to terms with their stress they have at work. Remember time off could always just involve sticking to your contracted hours and/or taking that all important lunch hour!

Talk to People

Finally, ‘The Stark’ by the Reading University Students’ Union talks about the importance of not dealing with the stress alone, but talking and sharing your experiences and what is bothering you with others, and that there is no shame in seeking the support of those close to you.

If your stress at work has got to a stage where you believe that your employer has been negligent in your care, then speak to us. At Oakwood Solicitors we will give you all the advice and care that you need, and if your employer has been negligent then we can help you with any compensation that you have coming to you.

More information can be found on our Stress at Work page.

If you need any help or advice on a potential workplace stress claim then either call us now on 0844 499 9302 or email to make a claim, or alternatively, click here to make a claim.

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