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Rachel Helmn is the managing director of HUM (UK) Ltd. They are an employee wellbeing provider supporting businesses and employees to be productive, motivated and successful. She has kindly agreed to be interviewed about the results of our recent stress at work survey.

What is your opinion on the results of the survey?

We welcome the survey on such an important topic and the results really resinate with the growing employee wellbeing agenda which some businesses are choosing to ignore or respond to.  Although the popular issue was poor management, this is only a symptom and it seems that the root of problems stem from company culture, employee engagement, support and training.

Poor management came up as a very popular contributor to stress at work. In your experience, do you think it’s as much of a problem as the results indicated? 

With the pace of life and heightened expectations to achieve more in the workplace, a ripple affect is often experienced. Managers become stressed by the pressures they often face which is then passed through the organisational hierarchy and before you know it, a workplace can become pretty toxic.

The problems cited could be avoided by businesses adopting more of a people first culture encouraging active communication and engagement supported by employee wellbeing training.  Its not just a case of pointing the finger at aspects of a business such as Managers, its a whole system approach to employee wellbeing which is a responsibility that should be shared between employer and employee.

What do you think companies can do to ensure that stress is taken seriously in future?

Companies would benefit from understanding the wellbeing needs of their employees.  The outcome of this important exercise would enable companies to invest in areas of greatest need and adopt measures to sustain any changes.  Such a small investment can make a huge difference that will contribute to happy, motivated workforce who drive and share in business success.

If you’d like to share your opinion on the survey results, please comment below.

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