Stress at work case gets Mrs Haseley compensation after Oakwood fought to win her case.

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Mrs Haseley had worked on the road as a sales lady for her employer for about 15 months. Her husband was badly injured due to a car accident and she had to work part time so she could care for him.

Her employer agreed she could work part-time but she could see that it was causing resentment in her line manager as she was having a negative effect on the team’s results.

Her line manager began to undermine her and give her long days with a drive to London or Scotland which he knew she was unable to do. With all the work she needed to do at home and the extra pressure in work she had to resign for the sake of her health.

I have been the victim of a stress at work; can I make a claim?
Oakwood never charges up-front-fees to make a stress at work claim. We take our fees from the other side you get 100% of the compensation that you are awarded. The matter has been settled out of court.

She has won compensation for her stress at work claim. If you would like to make a stress at work compensation claim call our professional team at Oakwood on: 0844 499 9302.

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