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Miss Quarton a customer services representative for a large insulation installation company used the help of Oakwood Solicitors to claim compensation for stress at work. Miss Quarton had worked full time for her employer for 4 years. She was contracted to work 35 hours per week. Miss Quarton’s boss kept asking her to do overtime as the phones needed to be operated until 7 o?clock in the evening; he told her that if she wasn?t committed to the job then she should leave.

Miss Quarton ended up working 15 hours per week extra on top of her normal contracted hours. She was made to feel like she had to do it or she would be replaced. She started to get tired and suffer from aching in her shoulders from being sat at a desk on the phone all day. Miss Quarton started to suffer from stress and could no longer cope with working 11 hour days with next to no breaks. He boss’s theory was that she was just sat at a desk therefore didn?t need to go for a break.

?I was near enough forced into having to work from 8 in the morning until 7 at night. My employer refused to take on an additional person to do the phones in the evening as he said it would be hard to find someone who just wants to work 4 hours until 7pm. He said if I didn?t want the job he would find someone else. Eventually I couldn?t take any more and sought stress at work advice about making a claim for compensation from a Oakwood solicitor.?

Miss Quarton’s employer was in breach of her contract which had caused the stress Miss Quarton was suffering from. Miss Quarton was awarded compensation thanks to the expert guidance she received from Oakwood Solicitors.

If you need stress at work advice about making a claim for compensation call Oakwood Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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