Prolonged stress at work which began to affect her health prompted Miss Mabbott to seek advice from employment lawyers Oakwood Solicitors

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Miss Mabbott had been employed as a hotel receptionist for over two years and was used to the irregular working hours and complex demands of the hotel guests. However due to a high staff turnover and the hotel’s reluctance to replace staff in order to cut costs the hotel management drastically increased their demands on Miss Mabbott.

?They expected me to work split shifts which became exhausting over a period of time due to the regular late finishes and early starts. I was often left alone on the desk for entire shifts which meant I was unable to get a proper meal break or perform my daily tasks efficiently.?

The stress at work meant she began making mistakes; realising her requests for help from the hotel were falling on deaf ears her partner urged her to seek advice from experienced lawyers. The hotel gave Miss Mabbott a series of warnings which made her doubt her ability to do her job. Her partner began to notice drastic changes in her personality; she began to experience mood swings and headaches.

?I began to take time off work due to ill health which meant loss of earnings. Oakwood made my voice heard and the hotel had no choice but to admit that they were the cause of my stress at work.?

On the advice of Oakwood Miss Mabbott accepted an out of court settlement negotiated by her lawyers and her desperate working conditions were quickly resolved.

If you have experienced stress at work and would like advice from employment lawyers call Oakwood on: 0844 499 9302.

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