Mrs Walkerreceivescompensation after suffering from stress at work with advice from employment lawyers Oakwood in London.

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Mrs Walker was a teacher at a private school. Allegations were made that she had smacked one of the children in her care. She was called into the headmaster’s office and told that she would be dismissed with immediate effect.

She tried to fight her case with the head but she felt much of the reason for the allegation being upheld was because the family concerned had 2 children at the school with lots of cousins and relatives which also attended and the pressure on a small private school which relied on fees was too great for the head to back her.

Mrs Walker was devastated she had lost a job she loved and she was extremely worried that she would not be able to work with children again with any sort of negative comments on her reference.

I have been the victim of a stress at work and I would like to take advice from an employment specialist in London. Our client would not hesitate to recommend us to anyone we do all the paperwork we can on your behalf and you are kept fully updated with progress throughout your case.

If Oakwood can help you after you are a victim of stress at work please call our team of employment lawyers for advice in London on: 0844 499 9302.

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