Mr Urwin claimed for stress at work as he was unable to cope after the post office where he worked was held up by armed gun men; ?I had to take advice from solicitors as my boss expected me to carry on as if nothing had happened!? said Mr Urwin who contacted Oakwood to explain what had happened in the small London post office.

 In Stress At Work - Case Study

The post office was in a quiet London suburb and an unlikely target for a robbery. The masked gun men chose to hold up the post office when Mr Urwin was alone and he endured a horrifying fifteen minutes with a shot gun jammed in the back of his head whilst the till was emptied.

He was allowed two days off and returned to work still visibly shaken from his ordeal. He suffered headaches and chronic fatigue which grew worse over time. His boss required business as usual he claimed ?time is money? said Mr Weston.

?You could tell he was suffering enormous stress at work and couldn?t concentrate on his job? said a regular elderly customer ?I told him to get advice from a solicitors in London as he needed professional help?.

Oakwood managed to get Mr Weston both a much needed break from work and compensation for his suffering. If you have experienced stress at work and would like advice from experienced solicitors who can help you in London call Oakwood on: 0844 499 9302.

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