Mr Vickars? ill health caused by stress at work forced him to leave his job; his claim resulted in compensation thanks to Oakwood Solicitors.

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Mr Vickars was paid well for his cleaning job. He cleaned offices and the work fit in nicely around his family life. He was happy to work early in the morning and some evening hours after the children were in bed he was lucky he didn?t miss out on time with his kids like a lot of fathers did.

One afternoon his boss called a meeting with all his staff to explain he was in danger of losing contracts as many businesses could no longer afford the extra costs and were looking at doing their cleaning in-house. He had reviewed many of his contracts and reduced the cleaning hours thus saving his clients money. They were expected to do the same work but at double the speed.

?The stress at work caused by fatigue and constant complaints made me ill and I had to take time off as I was wasn?t fit enough to cope with the work? said Mr Vickars; my wife urged me to make a claim for compensation as this was not my fault so I contact Oakwood.

Mr Vickars was amazed how quickly and smoothly his claim was handled. If you have experienced stress at work and think you could claim compensation call Oakwood on: 0844 499 9302.

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