Mrs Arendsen used Oakwood to get stressat work compensation after her unfair treatment.

 In Stress At Work - Case Study

Mrs Arendsen had worked as a packer for 5 years. She worked on a rota system on shifts. The staff were all asked for preferred work times and dates and her employer usually ensured that staff were given their preferred shift rota.

The manager had been forced to take time off with little notice due to personal problems. The manager who took over from him was appointed to the role in a permanent capacity and he seemed to have a problem with our client.

Her shift patterns were very bitty and she frequently had to bother senior management to get the shifts changed. The manager would also shout at Mrs Arendsen in front of all the staff about small issues.

Mrs Arendsen was suffering from heart palpitations due to stress at work when she decided that she had to resign for the sake of her health.

I have been the victim ofstressat work; can Iget compensation?
Oakwood never charges up-front-fees to make a compensation claim. We take our fees from the other side you get 100% of the compensation that you are awarded.

The matter has been settled out of court and our client is delighted with the service and the compensation she received. If you have suffered from stressat work call our professional team of employment solicitors to see if you are entitled to compensation on:0844 499 9302.

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