?Being pushed out of my job after 25 years of loyal service was despicable? said Miss Shipp who’s stress at work and loss of her job led her to contact lawyers Oakwood.

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During her employment at a private healthcare firm Miss Shipp had created most of the employee policies and procedures. Over the 25 years she was given awards for her accomplishments and never given any warnings.

She never called in sick rather go to work and be sent home: only after major surgery did she miss a day of work. She attended interviews with the owner and watched him offer potential employees more money than her. When questioned he said he could offer males more money.

?I put up with this stress at work for years because I was raising four children and needed a job I never thought to contact lawyers for help. I would be called worthless one day and praised the next. It was an abusive mental situation.?

Miss Shipp went on holiday in August and upon returning was told that she had done nothing wrong but that the company was going in a different direction and she was being let go. She was left with no car no income no health insurance.

?The stress at work I had experienced followed by this bombshell tipped me over the edge and I had no option but to speak to lawyers which I probably should have done long ago?

If you have been affected by stress at work and would like to speak to lawyers who can help call Oakwood on 0844 499 9302.

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