Mr Thurman was delighted with his compensation following a claim for stress at work after lawyers at Oakwood provided him with expert advice on UK employment law

 In Stress At Work - Case Study

Mr Thurman worked as retail assistant in family owned toy store which sold expensive classic and retro toys. His problems began when shortly after a new employee started he noticed toys were going missing.

He had no proof that his new colleague was stealing toys and he was horrified that his employer might think it was him. . His boss eventually noticed his stock was disappearing. He called them both in for a meeting and gave them a sharp warning that he was watching them both.

Knowing that he was under suspicion made Mr Thurman very unhappy and he struggled to cope with the stress at work and wondered if he should consult lawyers in the UK for advice.

It was another 8 months before his colleague was finally caught but by this time Mr Thurman had made himself ill with stress. His employer had not made enough effort to solve the issue holding both employees under suspicion for too long. Oakwood helped Mr Thurman draft his letter of resignation and helped him secure compensation out of court.

If you have been affected by stress at work and would like to speak to employment lawyers regarding advice in the UK call Oakwood on 0844 499 9302.

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