?Who would have thought that a call centre job could cause stress at work? said Mrs Rolf who took legal advice from Oakwood Solicitors.

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The call centre where Mrs Rolf worked used to be a happy place considering the monotony of the job. They were handling at least 200 calls a day from customers who were ordering their groceries on-line.

Things changed when the new telephone system arrived. ?Calls could be made without touching your telephone it was all done from the computer? said Mrs Rolf. ?This system drastically increased the number of calls we could handle in a day.?

Apart from the overwhelming number of calls that they were now expected to deal with Mrs Rolf was uncomfortable about recording every lunch break coffee break and toilet break.

?The system could have worked well except our manager used it to watch us like big brother!? she said. ?Not a great tool to give someone who is a control freak!? Mrs Rolf was pregnant and found in the later stages of her pregnancy that she was taking many more toilet breaks. Her manager made constant comments to her in front of others about her time away from her desk?

The stress at work caused by the harassment from her manager combined with a difficult pregnancy led to Mrs Rolf suffering from anxiety and heart palpitations; she took legal advice as to how to manage her situation. Oakwood proved that Mrs Rolf’s boss has caused her anxiety and treated her unfairly. They accepted Mr Rolf’s case on a no win no fee basis and secured a settlement before the case reached court.

If you have experienced stress at work and would like legal advice call Oakwood on: 0844 499 9302.

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