Mrs Lambard contacted Oakwood about stress at work and legal advice to make a claim.

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Mrs Lambard worked in a factory for cushions and other soft furnishings which spanned across 5 different sections. She had previously been the manager of the ?bed linen and curtains? department but was asked to take over 2 other departments due to an early maternity leave and another colleague taking leave for a bereavement.

She now had to manage ?bed linen and curtains? ?duvets and cushions? and ?towels flannelettes and dressing-gowns? which she was under the impression would be for a short space of time.

The extra work meant that she did get a pay rise but her hours increased dramatically as did her work load. She took on the work as it was on a temporary basis.

After 6 months she continuously asked her senior management when alternative support was going to occur. She was beginning to lose weight with the stress of the high staff bracket HR personnel shipping and dispatch. There was no support and after another 6 months she wrote again. She was advised at this point that the other 2 members of staff had handed in their notices and they were recruiting. 6 months later Mrs Lambard had a breakdown.

?I was told lies after lies and the job wore me down until I was so tired I couldn?t work anymore. I contacted Oakwood about stress at work and legal advice to make a claim? Mrs Lambard has since received full compensation. If you need advice on stress at work and legal advice on how to make a claim call Oakwood’s Team now on: 0844 499 9302.

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