Mrs.Nolton is victorious after her stress at work case is settled with the help of Oakwood employment law specialists in the UK.

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Mrs Nolton worked at a newsagents in the town Centre near her house. She loved her job; she had worked there for 22 years. She could walk to work and her shifts fitted in well with her life.

A new manager bought the shop. She wanted to have everything changed. On her first day with our client the manager told her that she had to take her on because that was what it took to buy the shop. The manager told her she did not want Mrs Nolton to work for her as she was old and set in her ways.

Mrs Nolton tried to stick it out but after two weeks she felt sick at the thought of having to go to work. Her GP signed her off work and her manager sacked her over the phone that evening.

I am the victim of stress at work in the UK. I couldn’t recommend Oakwood highly enough. Mrs Nolton won an out of court settlement reached on the day before court proceedings began. If like Mrs Nolton you have been the victim of stress at work in the UK we can help; call our professional team of employment law specialists now on: 0844 499 9302.

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