Miss Dench contacted Oakwood Solicitors when she suffered extreme stress in the workplace and made a claim for compensation

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Miss Dench was a single mum and worked as a PA to the Managing Director of a marketing firm. It was a good job and paid well. Working full time was hard with a small child to look after but she loved her job and her parents were happy to help with child care.

She was devastated when her son contracted meningitis. She spent hours beside her son’s hospital bed and worked late into the night on her lap top to keep on top of her work commitments.

She was astounded when her boss called her on her mobile one evening and said he had decided that the job was no longer working out. He had decided that her role would be more suited to someone who didn?t have so much responsibility outside of work. She was offered an admin role in the sales office.

?I couldn?t believe he did that to me! Serious illness can strike anyone and I worked so hard to keep on top of things!?

Miss Dench tried the admin role for a while but stress in the workplace due to an un-wanted job change along with concern for her recovering but still poorly child was too much and she fell ill; Oakwood Solicitors told her she was entitled to make a claim.

Miss Dench was amazed how quickly and smoothly her claim was handled. If you have experienced stress in the workplace think you could claim compensation call Oakwood on: 0844 499 9302.

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