Superheroes who are also Lawyers

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Every superhero needs a day job; somewhere they can retire to and try to fit into a normal life when they are no righting wrongs, fighting crimes and saving the world; but a good number of them choose to fight crime as their alter egos too! Well it helps to pay the bills! KA-POW!

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harvey dent

Daredevilshe-hulkTwo-Gun_Kidronan the accusershadowhawkmr-district-attorneybetty-batescableGabrielle-Haller


(aka Harvey Dent)

Harvey Dent was youngest district attorney (at 26 years old) to serve Gotham City and was elected to his post about six months before Batman began his crime fighting.

After having his face burnt with a bottle of acid at the trial of mobster, Sal Maroni, he fell into a psychosis, which led him to believe that right and wrong don’t matter, as everything is ruled by chance – and two-face was born.

He was a legal genius and proficient in all matters pertaining to criminal law.





(aka Matthew ‘Matt’ Murdock)

The young Matt studied law, and in a freak road traffic accident he was covered in a radioactive cargo that rendered him blind, but boosting his other senses to super-human levels.

He attended Columbia University Law School, but failed to complete the course; he takes up martial arts to revenge his fathers murder and he becomes a formidable fighter – all this kick-starts his crime fighting life as the Daredevil.

Matt later established a small New York law firm, and is currently the longest running lawyer in comic book history.




(aka Jennifer ‘Jen’ Walters)

Jennifer is the cousin of Bruce Banner (of Hulk fame) and whilst Bruce was in town one day Jennifer is shot and seriously wounded.

As no other donors of her blood type were available, Bruce gave her a blood transfusion, his radioactive blood mutated Jennifer as it had with Bruce years before and she becomes the She-Hulk.

Jennifer continues her legal work and currently works as a lawyer for the Superhuman Law division of the New York law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway.



Two-Gun kid

(aka Matt Hawk)

Matt was a Wild West hero, during the day he was a successful Boston lawyer, but when needed he would fight crime as the masked Two-Gun Kid – one of the Wild West’s most famous gun-fighters.

Matt is an expert marksman and a formidable opponent in unarmed combat.

He was also skilled in riding horses, his weapons of choice were a pair of quick-draw colt SAA’s.




Ronan the Accuser

(aka Ronan)

As he name states, Ronan is an Accuser (last seen in the hit 2014 movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’).

Ronan was born on the planet Hala (the capital of the Kree Empire).

Whilst we might be pushing the legal aspect a little far here, as an Accuser, Ronan believed that everyone in the galaxy should be judged by them, more specifically by him!




(aka Paul Johnstone)

The ‘Spirit of Justice’ drives Shadowhawk throughout all his reincarnations.

Anyone donning the Helmet of Heru, is granted the superpowers of the ‘Spirit of Justice’ (they gain bulletproof body armour, superhuman strength, speed and agility, retractable claws, shuriken and a grapple hook).

Paul Johnstone is the latest incarnation of the character and he holds a law degree.




Mr District Attorney

(aka D.A)

Predominately a 40’s-50’s comic book hero, Mr District Attorney was less of a hero as we imagine them today – he used his deductive powers and intellect to send villains to prison, but more important to him he saved the innocent from incarceration.

A simple hero from an age when law and order was simpler.

Mr District Attorney was original a radio show, but it became a more successful comic book.




Betty Bates

Betty holds the record for being the first female lawyer in comic books and is second only to Matt Murdock (Daredevil) for the number of issues she appeared in.

She was an incredibly tough lawyer who not only fought in the courts, but when needed she would fight criminals with her fist and a gun.

She was so good at her job and her understanding of the law that she eventually became the District Attorney of the city where she lived.





(aka Nathan Christopher Charles Summers)

Nathan (a human mutant) is the son of the mutants Scott “Cyclops” Summers and Madeleine Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone) from the X-Men, he now lives thousands of years in the future and is part cyborg after contracting a techno-organic virus.

He has some time travel powers, but also has telepathy, telekinesis, technopathy and is an expert marksman.

Nathan has a very high intellect and holds a diploma in law!





Gabrielle Haller

Gabrielle was a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp in Germany. After the war she became a lawyer, she is also famous for being a former love interest of Professor Charles Xavier (of the X-Men) and mother of his only son, Legion.

She was the Israeli’s ambassador to Britain and she also defended the mutant supervillain Magneto for crimes against humanity.

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