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Most of us will experience tinnitus at some point in our lives; the annoying buzzing, whooshing, hissing, high or low pitched sound in your ears that can range from barely noticeable to life altering. For many tinnitus sufferers this will be temporary and may be experienced at times of stress, be a side effect to medication or any number of other things.

Unfortunately, while many people experience tinnitus temporarily for some the condition can become permanent.

Tinnitus Symptoms

Again, the symptoms are subjective and affect people differently from causing distractions at times of concentration or quiet to resulting in depression, anxiety and in the most serious of cases can sadly lead to suicidal thoughts.

Tinnitus can also be the result of noise and an additional symptom perceived by those who have suffered noise induced hearing loss following work in noise without adequate and in many cases any hearing protection.

Many people do not realise that it is in fact possible to claim compensation for such an injury; here at Oakwood Solicitors we have a dedicated Industrial Disease Department who specialise in helping people like you claim for tinnitus and other work related illnesses.

We are spreading awareness of tinnitus, a serious condition which many people know very little about with our #T4Tinnitus tea party on 8 February 2016 and are pleased to be offering free hearing tests at our office on Roundhay Road in Leeds.

More information on this hearing condition can be found on our tinnitus page.

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