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Termination Of Employment – Solicitors; Has a former employee brought a compensation claim against due to an employment tribunal following the termination of their employment contract by your organisation in Leeds? Then it is vital that you obtain advice and representation from highly skilled legal professionals with comprehensive understanding of vast experience involving commercial law to provide the defence that you need to protect the best interests of the company in respect of having to pay out compensation and should a no obligation call to the experts at Oakwood Solicitors to discuss your case.

Dismissal of an employee should always be a last resort and employers should make sure they use if and consistent procedure when this action must be taken. It is strongly advised that the ACAS code of practice with regards to disciplinary and grievance procedures are followed by employers at all times.

In many cases issues can be sorted out informally by speaking with the employee in question. If you feel an employee’s work is unsatisfactory or they are constantly involved in conflicts with other members of staff fair warning should be provided allowing them the opportunity to improve their work or conduct. Organisations should set out in writing the rules and procedures used to handle disciplinary procedures and make sure that all of their employees and managers fully understand these.

Are you looking to find out how the commercial law specialists at Oakwood Solicitors could help you settle a dispute following the termination of employment of one of your workers in Leeds? Then make a no obligation call to a knowledgeable and experienced member of our team today.

ACAS state that "Dismissal occurs when an employee terminates an employee’s contract. Just as formal disciplinary action should only be necessary if informal methods have failed to resolve the problem so dismissal should be the last resort in terms of sanctions. The principles handling discipline a situations up to and including dismissal is set out in the Discipline and Grievances at work ACAS guide."

The article on their website goes on to state that "Whilst the Code is not in itself legally enforceable employment tribunal’s will take its provisions into account when considering relevant cases".

Employers should bear in mind that employees have the right not to be unfairly dismissed by law and any employee who has served a minimum of two years continuous employment if they started on or after 6 April 2012 or at least one year if their employment commenced prior to this date has the right to make a complaint to an employment tribunal if they feel that they have been dismissed unfairly. There is no required minimum length of service in relation to cases that involve dismissal on automatically unfair grounds.

If the termination of the contract of employment of one of your workers has resulted in a tribunal action being taken against your organisation in Leeds you should make a no obligation call to discuss your case with the highly qualified and experienced professionals at Oakwood Solicitors to discover how our dedicated team could use their experience and expertise in commercial law to provide the defence that you require to achieve the best possible outcome available to you in your particular case on: 0113 200 9720.


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