The Consumer Rights Act

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There is a significant change for consumers today as we now have new powers as to when we can demand refunds for faulty goods and for the type of good we can claim refunds for.

Some of the older Acts haven’t been updated for decades, so this is a good move by the government to protect consumers and is probably one of the most important consumers’ rights changes in a generation.

Paul McMullen (Product Liability at Oakwood Solicitors) commented “The new Consumer Rights Act applies to pretty much everything, and brings together different legislation under one Act.

The basic idea is that shoppers should now find it easier to deal with faulty goods, so you now have a statutory 30 days to return faulty good to a retailer. It also now includes new rights to a refund when it comes to online and digital purchases (i.e. music, software and movies etc.).”

Paul continued, “You have always had the right to return faulty goods; the major change is the new 30 day rule, previous rules that allowed the consumer to insist on a refund (under the Sales of Goods Act) was often a little vague, quoting “a reasonable length of time”, which was often used by retailers to refuse returns.“

Refunds are available for items that are either faulty, not as described, or not fit for purpose.

Consumers still have the right to return goods within 14 days when purchases online or over the phone.

Importantly, the new Act only implies as of goods and services bought after today.

Paul said “It’s important for people to know and understand their legal rights and insist on them, as many retailers will fob consumers off. For far too long consumers have been left battling with customer services over their right for a refund for an item that was faulty or not fit for purpose and sometime consumers deserve more than just their money back”.

Here at Oakwood Solicitors, the Product Liability team are dealing with claims on a daily basis where consumers have not only had to suffer the disappointment when a product fail but who have been injured in the process.

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