The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Dead

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If you haven’t then you should do it right now.

We are constantly being told to turn our phones off, whether it’s at school, work, cinema or many other public places.

Now we are being told to turn our Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by Samsung themselves.  You may remember in September there were a number of reports of the batteries in these products catching fire.

In an unprecedented move by a major manufacturer, Samsung, a well trusted brand, has recalled 2.5 million phones in the wake of the complaints and later insisted that all replaced devises are safe; unfortunately more complaints have come to light detailing more cases of these devises catching fire (even some of the replacement devices).

The South Korean company have now changed their tune and insisted that all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devises are switched off while it investigates these new reports.

However, as consumers why is our safety being ignored when these products are released?  Are these big companies more concerned with their public image than the safety of its users?

We hear reports of exploding re-chargeable batteries all the time, whether its mobile phones, hover boards or e-cigarettes.  We are often told that these faults come from cheap imports and poor quality products.  However, these mobile devises are produced by one of the most reputable mobile phone producers in the world, how can such a company get it so wrong and play with people’s lives? Is Samsung’s desperation to beat the iPhone that important?

The company has suspended production of the phone and halted all global sales; we now expect that Samsung will stop selling these devises permanently.

Here at Oakwood Solicitors we specialise in cases of consumers who have been injured from products just like these.  Although the number of cases is very small, the impact to those individual’s lives is very big.

The South Korean tech giant Samsung has urged owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to turn off its high-end smartphone while it investigates new reports of the device catching fire.

The firm also said it would stop sales of the phone, and halt production.


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