You are entitled to make a tinnitus claim for compensation if you have developed the condition along with another recognised industrial hearing disease whilst working in an excessively noisy workplace in London.

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It is important to remember that tinnitus as an illness on its own is not actually categorised as an industrial disease. You are only able to claim compensation for tinnitus if it is being suffered alongside a further hearing impairment that been induced as a result of excessive noise in the workplace. Your hearing loss compensation award will be adjusted accordingly if tinnitus is an additional complaint along with another hearing disorder that has been caused by exposure to excessive sound levels at work.

Tinnitus as a hearing complaint on its own whether it has been developed as a result or excessive noise levels in the workplace or not will not qualify for a compensation award. You cannot issue claim proceedings against your employer if tinnitus is the only injury or illness you are suffering from as a result of the excessive noise levels in your workplace but if you have tinnitus you could also be suffering from a degree of hearing loss and be unaware of it so it is worth getting your hearing tested.

Even though tinnitus is a very common ailment amongst workers in excessively noisy environments we cannot issue proceedings unless you also have another hearing disorder in association with your tinnitus. Tinnitus symptoms are when the sufferer is constantly hearing a constant buzzing humming or whistling noise; some suffers describe the noise as ?white noise? like the sound generated by unprogrammed radio channels.

Oakwood solicitors can help you make a tinnitus claim for compensation I London if you have developed a degree of hearing loss and you also have a recognised industrial deafness condition.

Oakwood’s industrial tinnitus specialists are here to help any noise induced tinnitus sufferer claim the industrial tinnitus award they are entitled to which is appropriate for the level of tinnitus they are suffering with. We can guarantee that the amount of compensation we are able to secure on any workers behalf will be equal to or over the expected amount they should be awarded for the severity of the tinnitus they have developed.

You can make a no win no fee tinnitus case using qualified and experienced executives like those on the industrial disease team at Oakwood. As soon as you have been diagnosed as suffering from a tinnitus and if you can link it to your workplace environment which does not meet UK standards for health and safety you should look into making a claim like Mr G did. Mr G’s tinnitus alone was not eligible for a compensation award but he also had a degree of hearing loss alongside. We settled Mr G’s case for £6550.98.

To start a deafness and tinnitus claim for compensation in London with assistance from some of the most experienced hearing loss solicitors you need to call the industrial disease department at Oakwood as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302

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