Toxic Chemicals Discovered in Children’s Clothes

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Toxic Chemicals Discovered in Children’s Clothes

Traces of toxic chemicals have been discovered in children’s clothes manufactured by popular brands including Burberry Disney American Apparel GAP and Primark.
The chemicals were found in clothes which are sold in the UK according to Greenpeace research.
Currently there is no evidence that the clothes could put the health of the children wearing the clothing at risk but Greenpeace wants the clothes removed as a precaution.
82 items of children’s clothing taking from 25 countries across the globe were sent to be tested in laboratories at the University of Exeter.
Chemical residue was found in all but six as stated in a research report which was published yesterday called ‘A little story about the monsters in your closet.’
High levels of the chemical Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) were found in 50 of the items.
High levels of the chemical were seen in clothing from Burberry Disney American Apparel and C&A. It is believed that the chemical could build up in the body and disrupt hormones.
Other chemicals which were found in the products included phthalates a chemical used to soften plastic. This allegedly has the potential to disrupt developing children’s hormones.
Per and poly-flurinated(PFOAs) chemicals were also found which are believed to have an effect on the reproductive and immune systems and in animal tests have shown that the chemicals are a possible cancer risk.
A chemical similar to arsenic Antimony was discovered in some items which can be a catalyst to dermatitis and breathing problems.
Fungicide chemicals organotoxins were present in socks shoes and sports clothes. If someone is exposed to this at high levels it can damage the immune and nervous systems.
Retailers have said that the chemical levels discovered were at such a low level they didn’t pose a risk to customers.
Primark told the Daily Mail: ‘We have a stringent chemical management policy in place which complies fully with EU legislation.
‘However Primark has long recognised the importance of continuing to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing processes.’
Andrew Opie of the British Retail Consortium told the paper: ‘Members providing children’s clothing are ensuring that products meet and exceed current legal requirements.
‘We have not seen the full data but looking at the text in the executive summary there are some concerns especially that the report does not highlight any instances of products on sale which are illegal.
‘Current chemical test methods are very sophisticated and can detect chemicals at extremely low levels so although detected this does not mean that the chemicals would cause health problems to children and may only be present as very low level contaminants.’
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