Trust Placed in Special Measures Because of Staffing Levels

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Trust Placed in Special Measures Because of Staffing Levels

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn Foundation Trust has been put in special measures by regulators because of weak leadership and poor care.
The trust had received prior warnings about inadequate patient care from the Care Quality Commission and a report from NHS England stated that there were low nurse staffing levels. The trust has also breach it’s license due to financial issues since April.
This is the first hospital to be placed in special measures outside of the 11 Keogh review trusts which were placed in special measures in July. Care Quality Commission inspectors indentified low staffing a lack of dementia care training and poor systems in place to manage risks; which subsequently put patient care at risk.
Chief inspector of Hospitals Sir Mike Richards told the Nursing Times:
“The failings we found at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn were unacceptable on more than one occasion.
“The concerns we found coupled with information from our partner agencies and other regulators special measures to assist in driving through improvements for patient care.”
“CQC will continue to monitor this trust closely and our inspector will be returning unannounced to check on whether improvements have been made and standards are being met.”

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