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Uk Employment Law – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Is your organisation seeking advice in regards to the UK employment law? Are facing legal action from an employee on the grounds of misconduct of the employment law? You should seek the advice from the commercial law experts at Oakwood Solicitors who are available to provide you with professional and reliable advice and legal representation.

When faced with a legal issue then you will no doubt want the situation to be resolved as quickly as possible. The team at Oakwood Solicitors are able to advise and represent your company to ensure that the process is completed as quickly as possible with minimal side effects.

Should a company be unsuccessful at an Employment Tribunal then this can prove to be both expensive to settle and can damage an organisations reputation as many stories of employment disputes make the press.You can be assured that the team will tailor their advice around your specific situation and will use their experience to create a minimal impact on both your company’s finances and reputation.

If our company is already facing Legal action then it is crucial that you receive reliable advice before proceeding to a Tribunal. After legal action then is it advisable that steps are taking with the organisation to ensure that the same situation won?t arise again. These steps can include writing accurate contracts of employment and creating policies and procedures which must be followed before a disciplinary or dismissal is carried out.

How many areas of the UK Employment Law can the team assist my company with? Are the team able to provide further advice for a situation other than the Tribunal that my organisation is facing?

The team at Oakwood Solicitors are highly qualified and are able to assist your organisation with any part of the Employment Law. The services that the team can provide include; employment contacts compromise agreements creating policies and procedures disciplinary and grievance TUPE services unfair dismissal and services surrounding and employment Tribunal. This is just a small list of services available to you.

An Article written on the 20th of December 2012 shows how a female firearms office was successful in her claim for discrimination against North Yorkshire Police. The officer took her employer to the Tribunal following a number of sexist situations that she was subjected to by her trainers. The tribunal heard how the trainers would issue her and other female officers with pink guns and how she had been subjected to pornography which had been left in the toilet facilities. The tribunal ruled that she had been victimised and discriminated against. The employer had also failed her by not dealing with her complaints properly.

If you are facing a tribunal from an employee with regards to the UK employment law then you should request legal representation from the expert team at Oakwood Solicitors. If you require advice relation to anything surrounding the Employment Law then don?t hesitate to contact Oakwood Solicitors today on:0113 200 9720.


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