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Unfair Dismissal Advice Are you the victim of an unfair dismissal from your place of work and you are now seeking genuine help and advice from a legal firm you can trust? You need to speak to one of the highly dedicated and specialist team members at Oakwood Solicitors who have a proven track record in successfully handling cases involving employment issues.

Unfortunately unfair dismissal does take place regularly in the UK and your dismissal could be classed as unfair if your employer doesn?t:

1. Have a good or justifiable reason for dismissing you from your position for example they dismissed you for being late however they have no proof that you were late.

2. They do not follow the company’s formal disciplinary or dismissal process for example not giving you verbal and written warnings.

Situations where your dismissal is likely to be unfair include those who have been dismissed when joining a trade union if you have been dismissed as you have been asked to perform jury service dismissal when applying for maternity paternity or adoption leave and many more.

Unfair dismissal is one of the most common types of compensation claims Oakwood Solicitors deal with within the employment law bracket and we recently received an enquiry from Mr M. Mr M from Dereham believed that he was the victim of an unfair dismissal at his place of work.

Are you a similar to Mr M and feel that you are the victim of an unfair dismissal from your place of work and you would now like genuine help and advice from a legal representative? You need to speak to one of the employment law solicitors at Oakwood who can assess your case and decipher your eligibility to make a claim over the phone free of charge.

If you are looking at making a compensation claim for unfair dismissal we will take your case to an employment tribunal. An employment tribunal is a non-departmental independent body which provides jurisdiction in regards to disputes between employees and employers. They can order your employer to pay compensation to you however they do have set criteria and you must meet certain points in order to make a successful claim.

One of the points which you must meet in order to make a successful unfair dismissal compensation claim is that you must bring your case to the employment tribunal within three months of being dismissed from your place of work. They also require strict evidence in regards to proving that your employer unfairly dismissed you therefore it is important that you use a specialist solicitor in the field of employment disputes.

Oakwood Solicitors will be able to provide you with unfair dismissal help and advice and can discuss your eligibility to take your claim to an employment tribunal; to discuss your specific case why not call one of the friendly and helpful team today on:0844 844 9866.

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