We’re Not Pregnant

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But if we were then we would sure as heck know our legal rights so that we are not taken for a ride by our employers.

When you share the fantastic news that you are expecting with your employer and co-workers, the fact that you might be discriminated against is probably far from your mind (as it should be), but the truth is that many expectant mothers are treated unfairly, or even dismissed by employees simply because they are pregnant.

As long as you can carry out your usual tasks without posing risk to yourself or the health and safety of your baby, then dismissing you, or passing you over for promotion or a new job is unlawful. It is also unlawful to dock your pay for ante-natal appointments or to require you to make time back (yeah, we’ve seen that happen too!).

Employers can’t demote you, or withhold benefits or any opportunities; all are Maternity Discrimination, and all of these are against the law.

Know your rights:

Visit our dedicated Maternity page

Check out the fabulous Working Mums website

Check the Government website

Have a great pregnancy and don’t worry about your job.

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