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What Is Equality In The Workplace – ML Expert Solicitors; Is your corporate organisation seeking help and advice in regards to what is classed as equality in the workplace and how you can implement policies and procedures that protect you from litigation in Bradford? The possibility of facing discrimination claims is an issue for many businesses across the UK; however the team at Oakwood Solicitors will be able to provide your organisation with advice and assistance with regards to promoting equality diversity and antidiscrimination at your corporate organisation in Bradford.

Preventing discrimination from occurring at your business

In this growing ?claim culture? when more and more employers are taken to the Employment Tribunal on an annual basis it has never been more important for your organisation to stay up-to-date with employment law matters. Discrimination is a particular concern for many businesses as the award employees can receive is unlimited and not capped at a certain amount. The Equality Act 2010 was introduced to protect employees from discrimination in the workplace and it makes it unlawful for your organisation to directly or indirectly discriminate against a person based on a characteristic which they have. It is also important that you vigorously and stringently enforce antidiscrimination policies and ensure that members of staff who discriminate against other employees are disciplined appropriately. A failure to do any of the above can result in your business facing very expensive legal action which can impede dramatically on your organisation. We will be able to help you implement highly successful and bespoke procedures that promote equality in the workplace and abide by the Equality Act 2010.

Providing a solution to disputes that arise

As well as assisting your organisation by helping you protect your business from litigation for discrimination our team can also help you by defending your company if you are facing legal action. We will be able to advise your business on the strengths and weaknesses of the claim that is being made against you and then discuss the possibilities available to you leaving no stone unturned. We will happily manage the entire claim on your behalf to ensure that you can focus on running your business and we will be able to build a strong defence if litigation is inevitable.

Are you one sure what is lawfully classed as equality in the workplace and you are now seeking a solicitors firm that can provide you with advice in relation to this matter in Bradford? The team at Oakwood Solicitors are just a short phone call away from assisting in your business’s needs and they can provide you with excellent advice from a trained antidiscrimination solicitor.

When organisations are involved in legal action for discrimination it does sometimes attract both local and national media attention. An article published in the Pink News on 13 September 2006 discusses a case for sexual orientation discrimination. According to the article it is believed that an employee complained several times about pornographic and homophobic graffiti in the toilets however this employer did not deal with grievances effectively and therefore this organisation had to pay compensation to the victim.

If your business needs advice in regards to what is classed as equality in the workplace or if you are facing legal action from a disgruntled employee in Bradford you can contact the trained specialists working at Oakwood Solicitors today on:0113 200 9720.


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