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What Is The Grievance Procedure – ML Expert Solicitors Team; What is the grievance procedure and how does it affect the day-to-day running of my business in Doncaster?

A grievance is a concern problem or complaint that an employee raises with you as their employer. There are no laws surrounding the way in which you handle or raise a grievance at work; however there are many principles that you as an employer should observe when doing so. This will help to insure the smooth running of the company and give employees a framework to help them understand the procedures to follow if they have any issues at work.

It may be the case that employee comes to you in the hopes of discussing a grievance that they have informally. If you agree with the grievance then it is important that you do what you can to ensure that their concerns are dealt with seriously in hopes that they will not take the grievance further.

However you may not agree with grievance that is put forward by a member of staff and therefore a member of staff may make a formal written agreement against you for your business. It is important to have grievance procedures in place for your employee and yourself to ensure that the matter is dealt with in a professional manner in the hopes that the grievance will not turn into a claim against the company.

What exactly is the reason for having a grievance procedure and how do you ensure that I?m following it at my Doncaster based business?

It is important to have a grievance procedure in place at work as it provides a stable basis for any issues that your employee has. Being taken to an employment tribunal and having a claim made against you can be time-consuming costly and damage the reputation of your business therefore letting an issue get to this stage is not advisable. The best way to do this is to ensure that it is to make sure that your employees have up-to-date guidance on informing you of any grievance that they have. If they are able to do this then it will be more likely that any issues will be resolved informally and without further problems.

An article was published in the Daily Post on 12 October 2004 describing how a financial boss approached his employer about grievances as he had. His employer chose to ignore these grievances and a chain of events led to the employee being dismissed and finally a claim for constructive dismissal brought against his employer. The employment tribunal ruled in favour of the employee who was found to be the victim of unfair dismissal.

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