What sort of driver are you?

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If you have been on the road for any length of time you’ll know that there are a number of different types of driver out there, so which are you?

<strong>The Know-it-all</strong>
These are the experienced drivers on our roads, they are generally older drivers and have probably been pounding the roads because of work (typical road warrior); they know the major roads and can probably direct you through all of them; they have seen and done it all behind the wheel, and whilst now they are generally careful and sedate behind the wheel they are still sometimes willing to break the odd law.

<strong>The Peacemaker</strong>
These drivers are really laid-back motorists, they are very calm and understanding; they always avoid confrontation, they are highly courteous to other road users and are unlikely to break any motoring laws.

<strong>The Safety Stickler</strong>
These are the rule-keepers on our roads. They are incredibly unlikely to break speed limits or contravene any traffic laws whatsoever. Their love of the rules and their dislike of anyone that breaks them mean that they are in favour of stricter rules for motorists and stiff penalties for infringements.

<strong>The Uneasy Rider </strong>
These drivers really don’t like to drive but either feel that they have to primarily for work reasons or just to get some independence; they easily get stressed and anxious easily when driving, and if they ever break the rules it’s because they made an error when they were in such a state! They don’t really travel far and tend to plan their journey to avoid difficult roads/junctions.

<strong>The Speedsters</strong>
We all see these drivers every day, these guys often drive too fast, not just drive over the speed limit every once in a while but they constantly drive over every speed limit; these drivers can even get angry with other road users that are just following the rules of the road. They’re definitely not in favour of tightening traffic laws.

So which are you? Let us know below.

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