Many people think that a whiplash injury can only be caused by a car accident however slips trips and falls frequently cause the same injuries; Oakwood Solicitors can provide an outstanding service for cases relating to a slip trip or fall and will support any compensation claim in the UK if the victim is not at fault.

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67 year old Mrs W from Melton approached Oakwood Solicitors after she was injured during a fall in a shopping centre. The fall occurred when she slipped on food debris which had been left on the floor.

Busy shopping centres are unfortunately a high risk for slips and falls particularly during the middle of the day during the lunchtime period. This is due to the higher volume of shoppers being local workers who are eating their lunch whilst shopping and carelessly dropping their food and spilling their drinks. To make matters worse this lunchtime period is often when cleaners on site may go for their lunch break.

It is crucial that the management take these factors into consideration when conducting risk assessments. They should investigate procedures which can minimise this problem.

If you would like legal advice concerning a slip trip or fall or if you think you are suffering from a whiplash injury Oakwood Solicitors can give you valuable compensation claim advice in the UK.

For anyone who is maybe not familiar with the symptoms of whiplash you need to be aware of back and/or neck pain maybe accompanied by stiffness. Also headaches dizziness and often a loss of mobility. The motion of your head being jolted backwards and forwards at speed is what causes whiplash injuries. This motion can occur in a trip or a fall not just in a car accident.

It is important to get your injuries assessed by a medical professional as soon as possible. Not only for legal reasons but the sooner you get treatment the quicker your recovery will be.

The good news is that Oakwood accept genuine claims without asking for any payment. The conditional fee agreement or no win no fee agreement means exactly what is says. You don?t have to pay your solicitor anything regardless of the outcome of your claim. If you win the third party pays the legal fees. If you lose Oakwood won?t charge you.

Call Oakwood Solicitors today if you require further information regarding a whiplash injury or any injury sustained during an accident that wasn?t your fault and they will give you valuable compensation claim advice in the UK: 0844 499 9302.

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